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Vivomixx Sachs 12 pack & Gift Smile Q10 + L-Carnitine

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Good health starts with a healthy digestive system

Vivomixx® is a concentrated food supplement containing 450 billion of eight different strains of important live bacteria essential to balancing the digestive system.

Developed by a medical doctor and professor of infectious diseases and immunology, Vivomixx® has been proven in scientific studies to support good digestive health.

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Our gut and how it works


The intestinal microflora is composed of more than 500 different bacterial species that live in a delicate balance among themselves and with the human body. The colon is the region of our gut where there is the highest concentration of bacteria, between 10 and 100 billion bacteria/ml of feces material cons
idering an average total contents of 1500 ml of feces material.

The intestinal microflora is very important for our health because it is able to:

• fight against pathogenic bacteria through a mechanism of competition and the production of antibacterial substances (bacteriocine, H²O², lactic acid, etc,);
• produce short chain fatty acids, the most important nourishment for enteric cells;
• produce vitamins (K, B1, B6,B12, folic acid, pantotenic acid, etc,) which play an important role in different metabolic reactions;
• modulate the maturation of the host’s innate and adoptive immune responses (80% of the immune system is localized in the gut).

Many different factors can influence the balance of intestinal microflora:

• diet
• way of living
• stress
• climate
• travel
• aging
• use of antibiotics or chemotherapy agents
• renal or hepatic illnesses
• inflammatory bowel diseases
• radiations
The alteration of balance of intestinal microflora causes symptoms such as abdominal pain, cramps, excess gas, bloating, change in bowel habits such as harder, looser or more urgent stools than normal.

Vivomixx® is a safe, gluten-free food supplement that can be taken daily to help achieve a balanced digestive system. It does not contain preservatives, colouring agents or synthetic sweeteners.

Vivomixx® contains 10 sachs of 450 billions bacteria:

Streptococcus thermophilus DSM 24731, bifidobacteria (B. breve DSM 24732, B. longum DSM 24736,  B. infantis DSM 24737) lactobacilli (L. acidophilus DSM 24735, L. plantarum DSM 24730, L. paracasei DSM 24733, L. delbrueckii subsp. bulgaricus DSM 24734).

Storage: Vivomixx® should be stored in a refrigerator ( +2+8°C) and away from light. 

Recommended use

The recommended daily dose is 1-2 sachets; dissolve contents of the sachet in water, yogurt or any other cold, non-carbonated drink or food and consume immediately. Do not exceed the recommended daily dosage. Vivomixx® is a food supplement and should not be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Vivomixx® for adults

In healthy adults, the intestinal microflora is in perfect balance with its good and potentially pathogenic bacteria.

Some specific situations such as diet, way of living, use of antibiotics, inflammatory diseases, anxiety, depression, stress etc, can provoke alterations of the intestinal microflora, with a consequent reduction of “good bacteria”. A decrease in the quantity of “good bacteria” present in a healthy gut triggers a condition called “dysbiosis”, an imbalance which leads to an overgrowth of potential pathogenic bacteria.

This alteration in the composition of intestinal microflora is responsible for intestinal discomforts such as abdominal pains, cramps, excess gas, bloating, change in bowel habits such as harder, looser or more urgent stools than normal. Another consequence of dysbiosis is the translocation of potential pathogenic bacteria in various parts of the human body, which may be responsible of other infections, for example urinary tract infection, vaginal infection etc. This alteration is also responsible for the change of intestinal permeability, with possible development of intolerance, allergy and inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD).

“It’s very important to maintain the balance

of your intestinal microflora to keep healthy!”



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