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Smile D3 5000IU + K2 100μg 60 Caps x 3 Bottles

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Smile® D3 5000IU + K2 is a nutritional supplement that provides the necessary vitamin D3 along with vitamin K2.

No additives, No excipients.

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Enables metabolism & vitamin D activation in your body.

Special vitamin formula with vitamin D3 5000IU & co factor vitamin K2 for the activation and absorption of vitamin D3 in the body.

According to European Regulation 432/2012 it contains:

Vitamin D3 that contributes to: maintenance of normal function of bones and teeth, to normal function of immune system and inflammation response, to cell division, to  normal muscle function, to absorption and utilisation of calcium and phosphorus and maintenance of normal blood calcium concentrations.

Vitamin K that contributes: to maintenance of normal bones and normal blood coagulation.

National Organization of Medicines Registration No: 117199/16.11.18

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  1. G_P

    I can’t be sure if i do not get a test, but the fact that it does not cause stomach upsets and general side effects is its second major positive.

  2. M_S

    In one month he raised my D from 14 to 35. I would like it in a smaller dose.

  3. kozi1972

    In 1 month from 21 in the measurement of D3 I went to 39 ….. absolutely happy …..

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