Sea Line Mineral Dead Sea Salt 1000gr

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Sea Line Dead Sea Salt contains a unique high concentration of minerals such as magnesium and sodium, which have been known for centuries for their positive effects on our bodies. A Dead Sea Salt Bath increases skin hydration and reduces skin roughness and redness. Dead Sea salt also has a beneficial effect on muscles and joints.


For the body: a solution of 8 tablespoons salt in hot bath water (38°C).
For the scalp: a solution of 3 tablespoons salt in a bowl of hot water (38 ° C).
For a foot bath: a solution of 5 tablespoons salt in a foot bath with hot water (38°C).
For optimal results, it is recommended to treat the skin after each bath with Sea Line Mineral Face & Body Lotion or Sea Line Mineral Body Butter. After a foot bath Sea Line Mineral Body Butter or Earth Line Foot Cream.

Ingredients: Maris Sal.

Sealine products are 100% natural, allergy tested, BDIH and EcoControl certified, vegan and animal testing free.

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