Royal Green Organic Maca 60 Caps


The production process of pure Royal Green leads to a certified organic Maca which is condensed at the maximum temperature of 45 degrees Celsius.

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Although Maca is a plant well known, few people have discovered its potential. The reason is that most available products is basically slightly yellowish, sweet-smelling powder Maca the same poor quality. These usually are not certified organic extract with high heat and contain fillers (corn and rice powder) and sometimes even maltodextrin or sugar! The Royal Green provides a “raw” highly concentrated (6:1) and 100% certified organic Maca. No heat, no radiation and no fillers.

Adaptogen: The Maca belongs to “adaptogens” plants because nutrients can help to balance the body functions in situations such as stress, tension and fatigue. If you do not feel well, you are stressed or tired, the Royal Green Maca will provide strong support.

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