Lipase Plus 45 Caps

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  • Supports complete digestion of fats found in plant and animal sources.
  • Promotes the absorption of essential fatty acids such as Omega 3, 6, & 9.

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Lipase Plus

What are some of your favorite foods? When this question is asked, most people instantly think of something indulgent, savory…and fatty. Naturally, we find decadent foods delicious and irresistible but we often deny ourselves these foods because they tend to be on the unhealthier side. In our youth, we would gorge on the foods we loved with minor, if any, repercussions. However, as we mature, we begin to lose the ability to digest fatty foods as efficiently as we once did in our youth…even when only eating in moderation. Our main source of the fat digesting enzyme, lipase, is produced by the pancreas; yet with age natural production becomes inadequate. Without the proper digestion of the fats we eat, fats are not broken down into essential fatty acids and therefore cannot be absorbed by our body to be effectively used for vital functions. Whether the fats that we’re consuming are in the form of vegetable oil in our French fries, omega-3 fish oils from supplementation or the sushi we had for dinner, it must be properly broken down.  Improperly digested fats remain in the body and causes havoc on our digestive system. As a result of insufficient lipase production, we suffer from symptoms such as bloating, excessive gas, oily stool (Steatorrhea), diarrhea, and unwanted weight gain. Why should we fear the foods we love? Now you can enjoy the foods you love with Eat-EZ’s Lipase Plus!

Lipase Plus is a powerful vegetarian digestive enzyme supplement that replenishes our bodies with enzymes that we naturally produce in the stomach, salivary glands, and pancreas; providing one of the strongest lipase products on the market. Our biochemists have designed a premium formula with cofactor minerals and vitamins in addition to a variety of natural digestive enzymes to enhance our digestive system to ensure optimal fat digestion. Not sold? Let’s take a step back into grade school and do some investigating! Let’s start with the basics: Who, What, When, Where, & Why.


Who needs Lipase Plus?

Lipase Plus was expertly designed for anyone who consumes fats in their diet—which are all of us! Our body is an incredible machine and like any machine, our body begins to slow down with time. As we age, our organs stop functioning as well as they once did. Our pancreas, for example, is one of those organs that begin to lose efficiency with time. The pancreas is a major source of lipase production. After the production, lipase is released into the small intestine to breakdown the fats we eat so that it can be absorbed by the small intestine. Bypassing this process of fat digestion and absorption results in weight gain, bloating, gas, and steatorrhea (oily stool).  Even with the perfect diet and functioning digestive system, food intolerances produce similar symptoms. Do you remember that greasy meal that didn’t settle too well? It could have been a result of a food intolerance that you were unaware of.  Who needs Lipase Plus? Well, just about anybody that eats.


What makes Lipase Plus so effective?


Dynamic Enzymes is one of the leading manufacturers of digestive enzymes. What does that mean? As a “true manufacturer” we not only have our very own scientists to expertly design our products, but we can also guarantee the freshest products available.

“So how are other companies different?”

  • Several companies specialize is marketing. They purchase raw materials from a manufacturer with very little knowledge of how the product is intended to be used. Their job is to market and sell, thus, not a true manufacturer.
  • As a true manufacturer, we produce the raw materials therefore, not only making us much more knowledgeable in the products we stand by but also ensuring we provide the freshest products and the very best quality available.

Aside from being one of the most potent formulas on the market, Eat-EZ is also unique and incomparable to others on the market because it is packed with powerful enzymes, coenzymes and cofactors that make our enzymes more efficient.

Enzymes:  How we separate our professional formula from the amateurs 

  • A Carbohydrate-digesting Enzyme blend
  • A Protein-digesting Enzyme blend
  • A high potency fat-digesting Enzyme Blend (Lipase I & II)
  • A Milk Sugar/Lactose-Digesting Enzymes (Lactase)


*All these enzymes are included in the product to work synergistically to battle indigestion and unnecessary disturbances in the GI tract that may cause digestive discomfort by efficiently breakdown carbohydrates, proteins, lactose, and most importantly, fat.


CoActive-8: How we ensure maximum efficiency of our enzymes 

8 Coenzymes/Cofactors: aid in the effectiveness of enzymes. Imagine enzymes as person of   average build with the potential to carry a heavy box across the room, slightly slower but efficient. Coenzymes and cofactors would be a cart with four wheels that would make a task as simple as moving a heavy box across the room much more efficient and effective.

  • Calcium, Manganese, Magnesium, Vitamin B1, B6, B12, Amla, & Phytase


When should I use Lipase Plus?

The directions are simple; Lipase Plus can be taken digestively or systemically (meaning on an empty stomach) or digestively (with your meal) depending on the intent of usage.

Digestively (to breakdown the fats you are consuming in your meal): Take 1-2 capsules with a large glass of water 5 minutes before a meal or directly after your meal if you forget to take it beforehand. (Don’t worry, it happens all the time. Just add them when you remember).

Systemically (to support healthy cholesterol levels and weight management): Take 1 capsule with a large glass of water on an empty stomach. In addition, take 1 capsule before every meal or directly after a meal if you forget to take it beforehand.

** The dosage varies from person to person and is dependent upon the severity of digestive symptoms, contents of the meal and portion size


Where can I find Lipase Plus?

Our line of EAT-EZ products were designed to be a retail line; Therefore, you can find them in local health food stores listed on our websie. Feel free to have your local health food store call us and we’ll make sure they get the opportunity to carry our products too! Also, you can directly order from us—with shipping free of charge!


Why should I invest in Lipase Plus?

Lipase Plus allows us to eat the foods we love. The days of asking yourself “Should I eat that?” is a thing of the past.  Lipase Plus is not only one of the most potent lipase products available on the market but one of the most expertly designed products with everybody’s diet in mind. Even with the perfect diet, fat is ingested daily and is easily found in all of our meals. We fail to remember that fats come in all different shapes and sizes.  Fats are found in avocado, nuts, meats, fish, and countless other foods we eat. Fats are essential to our diets and therefore need to be properly digested in order for our bodies to utilize them. Lipase Plus is not only logical but necessary. The increase of digestive issues is becoming a norm and simply overlooked as a consequence of indulging in your favorite foods but any pain or discomfort is abnormal and it is our body’s way of telling us that something is wrong. Lipase Plus is the simple solution for anyone who experiences the consequence of an inadequate lipase production or simply a complement to anyone who truly enjoys eating.

Supports complete digestion of fats found in plant and animal foods.
It promotes the absorption of important fatty acids such as Omega 3, Omega 6 and Omega 9.
* THIS REVOLUTIONARY FAT DIGESTION supplement supports the nutrient absorption of fats found in plant and animal sources*
* A POWERFUL VEGETARIAN digestive enzyme supplement that promotes the absorption of essential fatty acids such as omega 3, 6, and 9*
* CONTAINS OUR SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN CoActiv-8™ which is Dynamic Enzyme’s powerful blend of coenzymes and cofactors that function as a unique enzyme enhancer!
* MADE IN THE USA AND MANUFACTURED in a FDA registered facility that follows GMP guidelines. Products are tested in a 3rd party testing facility to ensure high quality prior to delivery. No fillers have been used; here at Dynamic Enzymes we believe that purity is essential when it comes to enzymes. No gluten, dairy, nuts, corn, eggs, soy, or any other animal products to give you the highest quality blend of ingredients.

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